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The following described files are hypertexts and programs from me. All files are copyrighted as Freeware or Shareware. Read the textfile included in each file.

1 Atari ST
   1.1 Applications
   1.2 ST-Guide Hypertext
   1.3 Miscellaneous
2 Palm OS handhelds
3 Download

Atari Atari ST

Atari ST Applications

With this module, you can configure the caches of the 68020 and 68030 processors. You can also manipulate the function of the second level cache on the PAK/3-030, if installed in the computer.

A utility for MagiC! and MultiTOS.
The program shows a list of all running applications in a window. By clicking on an entry, you can switch to that application. APP-List can send AP_TERM to end applications. The amount of memory used is displayed.

DCF-Time is the driver for DCF-77 time signal receiver on the Atari ST. The driver runs in the background and needs only about 2kB of memory.

ENG-GER is a English-German-Dictionary. It contains over 59.000 terms.

JEDI - The GAL-Assembler
The new assembler and reassembler for the GAL devices GAL16V8 and GAL20V8. Syntax is compatible to the Maxon GAL assembler.
Detailed warnings and error messages.

SM194 Driver
Screen driver for the SM194 monitor with the Viking-Mono card from Atari. The driver is running on 68030 processors!

zControl - The XControl-Clone
The program is a replacement for the XCONTROL.ACC from Atari.
Several CPX modules can run at the same time in own windows. The sequence of the modules can be changed (important for MagiCMac).
The problem with SingleTOS is fixed.
The program is now fully capable of the english language, including an english manual!

ST-Guide Hypertext

DCF-HARD (22 kB)
Hypertext for ST-Guide: DCF_HARD.HYP (30.05.94)
In this file you find some hints for the connection of DCF77 time signal receivers to the Atari. With such a receiver you get the exact time into your computer.
The driver software is called DCF-TIME (see above).
ENG-GER (1200 kB)
Hypertext for ST-Guide: ENG_GER.HYP (07.12.94)
This is a dictionary English <-> German. I contains about 36.000 entries, which means a quite good coverage. You need 3MB on the hard drive.
Now again with the full index!
Physik (23 kB)
Hypertext for ST-Guide: PHYSIK.HYP (12.05.94)
The file contains some information about quantum mechanics, about the SI unit system and some well-known physicists.
TeX-Help (73 kB)
Hypertext for ST-Guide: TEX_HELP.HYP (16.03.94)
Eine ausführliche LaTeX-Hilfe als Nachschlagewerk und Online-Hilfe. Für die Leute denen es geht wie mir - ich vergesse immer wieder die genaue Syntax! Jetzt noch mehr LaTeX-Befehle greifbar!
TTL-IC (63 kB)
Hypertext for ST-Guide: TTL_IC.HYP (16.03.94)
Die Datei enthält Informationen über TTL-ICs aus der 74er-Reihe. Vor allem findet man die Pin-Belegungen als Bild. Wer selbst viel bastelt findet diese Datei vielleicht ganz nützlich zum Nachschlagen.

Palm Software für Palm OS handhelds

Eng-Ger is a English-German-English dictionary.
For more informations, please visit the
Eng-Ger homepage.


CW2ASCII (17 kB)
Das Programm konvertiert 'geschriebene' Morsezeichen (-.-. .--) in ASCII. Das Programm läst sich z.B. schön als Blockfilter in CAT einbinden! Bitte nehmt das Programm nicht zu ernst, echtes CW macht natürlich mehr Spass!
Archiv enthält ausführbare Dateien für Atari-ST und PC!


Platform Product Download Bytes Version Date
Atari Atari ST 680x0cac 680x0cac.lzh 4.198 0.2 1994-08-20
APP-List app_list.lzh 23.805 0.4 1995-04-07
DCF-Time dcf_time.lzh 29.407 1.2 1993-06-02
dcf_time.lzh 55.720 1.4 1999-01-26
ENG-GER eng_ger.lzh 416.259 0.5 1998-09-14
Jedi jedi_032.lzh 182.520 0.32 1995-02-10
jedi_045.lzh 209.465 0.45New! 1999-11-19
Monitor Driver
sm194drv.lzh 2.122 0.9 1994-07-28
zControl zcontrol.lzh 105.594 0.23 1995-12-27
zcontrol.lzh 111.639 0.24+ 1996-05-05
zcontrol.lzh 112.440 0.25a 1999-11-19
Platform Product Download Bytes Version Date
Palm Palm OS Platform Eng-Ger 521.477 1.0 2001-02-04 537.449 1.1 New! 2001-02-24
Euro-Calculator ...comming soon...

Created: 1995-12-27
Updated: 2001-02-24